1. Optimization using Nature Inspired Algorithm [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • Introduction to Optimization.
  • Introduction to Nature Inspired Algorithm.
  • Type of Optimization Problems.
  • Type of Nature Inspired Algorithms.
  • Understanding local and global minima/maxima.
  • Deal with premature convergence.
  • Introduction to Genetic Algorithm.
  • Problem Solving using Genetic Algorithm.
  • Introduction to Particle Swarm Optimization.
  • Problem Solving using Particle Swarm Optimization.
  • Other Algorithms: ACO, ABC, DE.

2. Image Processing using MATLAB [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • Introduction to MATLAB.
  • MATLAB Installation.
  • Hands on MATLAB.
  • Introduction to Image Processing.
  • Phases of Image Processing.
  • Features extraction of Images.
  • Features selection of Images.
  • Classification and Clustering of Images.
  • Analysis of Image Processing results.
  • Discussion on Image Processing as Area of Research.

3. Scientific Writing using LaTeX [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days] Most Popular
  • Introduction to LaTeX
  • Resume / CV writing.
  • Synopsis / Report writing.
  • Thesis writing.
  • Article writing using Template (IEEE/Elsevier).
  • Presentation preparation.
  • Miscellaneous: Adding Table, Figures, Equations, Mathematical Expressions and Reference Management.

4. Machine Learning and Data Mining Using R [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • Introduction to Machine Learning & Data Mining.
  • Basics of R.
  • R and Rattle Installation.
  • Working with Rattle.
  • Research topics in Machine Learning & Data Mining.
  • Useful resources for R and Machine Learning.
  • Working with Classification Problem.
  • Working with Regression Problem.
  • Working with Clustering Problem.

5. Network Simulator ( NS 2 / NS 3) [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • Introduction To Ad Hoc Networks
  • Introduction To NS-2 Simulator
  • NS-2 Architecture
  • Installation (Linux/Windows Platform)
  • Working with Wired Scenario
  • Working with Wireless Scenario
  • Generating Animations
  • Generating and Understanding Traces
  • Data Extraction from Traces-Perl
  • Working with Graphs-Xgraph and Tracegraph
  • Understanding Protocols
  • Introduction and Applications of MobiREAL
  • Introduction to NS-3.

6. Android App Development [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • The future of technology and open source: Android and Mobiles.
  • Introduction to Android.
  • Installing the Android.
  • Setting up the development Environment.
  • Starting our first App.
  • Understanding the Layout of an android App.
  • Understanding the Action Handlers.
  • Activity Life Cycle.
  • Coding with Java.
  • Intro SQLite Database.
  • Setting up notifications.
  • Submitting App to android marketplace (Google Play).

7. Data Structures using C/C++ [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • Introduction to Data Structure.
  • Introduction to Data types.
  • Types of Data Structures.
  • Basic data structures: Arrays, Vectors, Stact, Ques, Trees.
  • Introduction to advance data structures: List, Dictionary, Tuples.
  • Implementation in C/C++.

8. Programming under Linux Environment [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One Day]
  • Introduction to Linux.
  • Linux Installation (Ubuntu).
  • Environment setup.
  • Introduction to basics commands.
  • Introduction to Shell programming.
  • C programming under Linux environment.
  • C++ programming under Linux environment.
  • Java programming under Linux environment.
  • Perl programming (Basic syntax; If-then-else; loop; file handling).
  • Python programming (Basic syntax; If-then-else; loop; file handling).

9. Computational Application in Bioinformatics [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • Automation Technique.
  • Introduction to Huge Data Management.
  • Introduction to Shell Scripting
  • Introduction to Perl Application
  • Introduction to C/C++ Application
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Genomics, Proteomics and Drug Designing.
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics Tools.
  • Introduction to Research topics in Bioinformatics.

10. Web Development using PHP [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • How Internet works ?
  • Backend and Frontend Technologies.
  • Introduction HTML.
  • CSS and JavaScript.
  • Introduction PHP {programming and environment}.
  • Installing WAMP/XAMP.
  • Working with MYSQL database.
  • Deploying the website on the Internet.

11. Placement Interview Preparation [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One/Two Days]
  • Technical Interview Preparation.
  • HR Interview Preparation.
  • Group Discussion.
  • CV/Resume Preparation.
  • Handle Stress Interview.
  • Project Work.

12. How to Choose Research Topic [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One Day]
  • Introduction to Research.
  • Resources to choose research topics.
  • How to prepare research paper.
  • How to submit the paper.
  • More about Journal/Conference publication.
  • How improve Technical Writing.

13. Entrepreneurial Skill Development [for PhD, MTech, BTech | One Day]
  • How to build a smart Business Model?
  • How to approach Investors?
  • How to Manage Financial Projection?
  • Setting up the development Environment.
  • Innovation Vs Market Requirement?
  • How to build and manage our team?
  • How to write a project grant?
  • How to get Government Grants?